A site of anthological and collaborative fan works.

What is Zinestuck?

Organized by YoItsCro, Zinestuck consists of archived collabs and anthologies that fall under the category of modern internet zines, made by fans of the webcomic Homestuck. The point of this site is to exist as a hub for past creations that are free to view, and to hopefully inspire others to make their own zines, or join this group via application!
What is a zine?

Traditionally, a zine (/ziːn/ ZEEN) is an original, self-published booklet that usually follows a particular theme or topic, made by one person or a small group. These booklets usually consists of text and images that are physically cut and glued on and in the original copy, for photocopies to eventually be made. The copies are usually stapled and binded in any fashion, and often passed around or sold in small circles such as conventions, art festivals, or libraries. Zines can also be shared online, either through scans or photos of the original booklet, or as a downloadable format if the zine is predominantly made with digital tools and programs. These are commonly known as e-zines.

A fanzine is a non-professional, non-official zine produced by enthusiasts of a particular cultural phenomenon to often share with those who share their interest, such as genres and pop culture. The term was coined by Russ Chauvenet in 1940, and was popularized within science fiction fandom.

Zine works usually vary between text, comics, essays, collages, stories, fanfiction, illustration, doodles, poetry, and personal journals. Themes are practically limitless, ranging from politics, social theory, popular figures, hobbies, single-topic obsession, or sexual content generally kept from inclusion of modern media.

With the expansive use of the internet, zines have also varied in terms of what can be featured in e-zines, such as music, games, audio pieces, and animation. More recently, zines online have also been used to describe digital collaborations between large groups within a certain timeframe, sometimes of a particular quality, and some kickstarting goals to achieve professional print to sell for profit or give to charity. However, it is arguable as to whether or not these newer variations of zines fall more under the category of fan anthologies.

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